June 12, Wednesday
Session 7
Miguel Ángel Sánchez
08:50 Mengkun Liu
  Landau level Nanoscopy of low-dimensional Dirac heterostructures
09:20 Nahid Talebi
  Probing the Ultrafast Relaxation Dynamics of Two-Dimensional Materials with Electron Beams
09:50 Philippe Roelli
  On-demand mid-IR to visible upconversion with a near-field optical microscope
10:10 Ido Kaminer
  Electron Spectroscopy of Terahertz Nonlinearities
10:40 Break
Session 8
Beatrice Ferrari
11:10 Alexey Nikitin
  Modelling of hyperbolic polaritons in biaxial crystals
11:40 Sergiu Amarie
  Infrared correlation nanoscopy for organic and inorganic material analysis at the nanoscale
12:00 Ron Ruimy
  Multi-Particle “Which-Path” Double-Slit Experiment With Free-Electrons and a Quantum Detector
12:20 Weiwei Luo
  Cryogenic nano-infrared imaging of plasmon-polaritons in metal-insulator phase separated NdNiO3 films
12:40 Lunch
Session 9
Daniel Kazenwadel
14:10 Niccolò Sellati
  Linear and nonlinear spectroscopic signatures of Josephson plasmons in bilayer superconductors
14:30 Giovanni M Vanacore
  Ultrafast coherent manipulation of free electrons via quantum interaction with shaped optical fields for advanced imaging approaches
15:00 Closing
15:15 Break
15:45 Discussion - Free time - Departure