June 11, Tuesday
Session 5
Anaswara Ramachandran
08:50 Siyuan Dai
  Engineer polaritons in van der Waals materials
09:20 Rainer Hillenbrand
  Mapping ultraconfined polaritons by s-SNOM
09:50 Guillaume Lathus
  Last development for time resolved TEM
10:10 Jing Li
  Topologically protected strong interaction between photonics and free electron
10:30 Break
Session 6
Konstantin Malchow
11:00 Lara Benfatto
  Optical nonlinearity in superconductors: a theory perspective on the experimental challenges
11:30 Javier T-GutiƩrrez
  Unveiling the Mechanism of Phonon-Polariton Damping in alpha-MoO3
11:50 Lukas Wehmeier
  Low-Energy Plasmon and Phonon Polariton Interferometry via Synchrotron Terahertz Nanospectroscopy
12:10 Artem Mishchenko
  Shear Polaritons in Exfoliable Monoclinic Gypsum Crystals
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Excursion - Free time
18:30 Aperitif
19:30 Conference dinner