June 10, Monday
08:15 Registration - Coffee
08:45 Opening
Session 1
Simona Borrelli
09:00 Ilke Arslan
  Characterization of dynamics using ultrafast transmission electron microscopy
09:30 Jan-Wilke Henke
  Probing nonlinear optical processes with electron energy-gain spectroscopy
09:50 Peter Baum
  Attosecond Electron Microscopy
10:20 Break
Session 2
Javier Taboada-Gutiérrez
10:50 Javier García de Abajo
  Free Electrons for Quantum Nanophotonics
11:20 Prineha Narang
  Nonequilibrium quantum materials: A dance of electrons, phonons and magnons
11:50 Gabriele Bongiovanni
  Ultrafast electron microscopy without photoemission
12:10 Rémi Claude
  Electrons, phonons, and plasmons in Graphite
12:30 Lunch
Session 3
Iris Crassee
14:00 Joshua Caldwell
  Exploiting and Controlling Lattice Symmetry and Strong Coupling for Infrared Nanophotonics and Ultrafast Thermal Transport
14:30 Andrea Cavalleri
  Coherent spectroscopy of non-equilibrium superconductors
15:00 Sven Ebel
  Shaping free electron wavepackets with structured light
15:20 Ana Isabel FT Mata
  Observation of Naturally Canalized Phonon Polaritons in LiV2O5 Thin Layers
15:40 Break
Session 4
Paolo Cattaneo
16:10 Lukas Eng
  THz Twistoptics – Engineering Phonon Polaritons
16:40 Julien Schwab
  Plasmonic Twistronics: Discovery of Plasmonic Skyrmion Bags
17:10 Rudolf Haindl
  Correlated free-electron states
17:30 Group photo
17:35 Poster session